Direct mail marketing

We take the complexity of postal regulations out of your hands and make it our everyday routine.

This ensures the quality and success of your direct mail campaign exceeds your expectations. Although social media and other internet-based options such as websites or blogs are instrumental to a successful market advertisement, direct mail remains keystone because it reaches far more people than any other system in the world.

All Access

Direct mail gives you access to everyone because, let’s be honest: everyone gets the mail! Radio and TV are dependent on the listener or viewer being tuned in at the right time. Internet options require that the potential client comes straight to your website, Titter feed, Facebook page, etc. Direct e-mail marketing requires that you obtain the recipient’s email address – a piece of information that many customers continue to guard closely or they provide an email address that they don’t check on a regular basis.


AMBI can combine multiple unrelated mailings to create a single merged mailing in which all clients will benefit from increased postal discounts. Commingling mail also allows individual customers to mail at standard and non-profit rates without meeting the 200-piece minimums required by the US Postal Service. AMBI can combine multiple customer mailings and present them to the USPS with stamps or metered postage.

A Broader Net

Direct Mail Marketing is uniquely suited for information with broader appeal, such as informational, promotional, fundraising and political campaigns.