Data Processing

Mailing List Development or Procurement

AMBI can provide high-volume direct addressing and imaging on most paper stocks. Imaging options include personalized messages, indicia, and USPS barcodes.

Database Consolidation

AMBI can help you reduce printing and postage costs by merging separate files, purging outdated information, removing duplicate records, and merging names to limit mailings to one per household.

CASS™ Certified Processing

AMBI can process your mailing list through your CASS™ Certified software to ensure that your addresses are fully compliant with USPS regulations for automation presort discounts.

NCOA Processing

National Change of Address processing is updated regularly and maintained by the USPS, and includes all change of address data by relocating customers. AMBI can match your mailing list records with NCOA data, providing accurate addressing for all residential and business moves.


MBI can sort your list according to USPS standards, including carrier route, etc. to ensure the lowest possible postage for each mailing.